BAMfluoro  is great  these guys developing this fluorocarbon have went above and beyond with almost no visibility ,super strong, and able to resist abrasions  it is the right choice.   The price makes it even better!!    BAMfluoro is the superior product with a better price it's a no-brainer for us on the Little Shell  Thank You Cliff Spencer

Wicked Tuna's: Little Shell

"Tackle failure is not an option" was one of the most important lessons I learned while working as a mate chasing Bluefin over 30 years ago.  Leaders, hooks, swivels, and crimps are the cheapest equipment we fish with, and inferior tackle leads to lost fish. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical of BAM fluoro when I received my first sample. Why change my system when I know it works, and works well?  We crimped up a couple leaders and went to testing. This is some strong stuff!  The first couple of fish we caught this winter were on...

Wicked Tuna's: FishinFrenzy

Outer Banks Giants

The fishing in the Outer Banks is really heating up, all while using new product, BAMFluoro Fluorocarbon. There have been 50+ giants to the docks.  Including yellowfin tuna, big eyes, and sailfish. .

Capt. Sean Welsh

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