About BAMfluoro™


THE PRODUCT: BAMfluoro™ fluorocarbon leader is made in the USA with polymers that offer excellent abrasion resistance and strength combined with super invisibility. BAMfluoro™ fluorocarbon leader was developed specifically for offshore fishing.

OUR FISH STORY: This product is what happens when you take a nerd fishing. BAMfluoro™ fluorocarbon leader was developed by a chemical engineer who loves fishing and has years of experience in fluoropolymer processing. By nearly matching the refractive index of saltwater, our product is virtually imperceptible to fish and maintains the strength to outperform traditional leader. Try BAMfluoro™ fluorocarbon leader – The clear leader in performance.

We take pride in manufacturing BAMfluoro™ fluorocarbon leader, with super strength and invisibility, for tournament fishing and premium charter boats, to give them an advantage in their pursuit of leader-shy fish such as Blue Marlin, White Marlin, and Tuna.

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